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For Monique Laxer, research is  an essential aspect in the development of her pictorial language and in the liberation of her creativity. She combines , mixes and juxtaposes different materials and techniques transforming her canvasses into vast fields of exploration where metaphorical universes emerge , inhabited by people , animals and objects that finds expression through her creative impulses. As such her paintings are very theatrical evoking a style of theatre called ‘’ Commedia D’el Arte ‘ it is no coincidence that the Harlequin figure is omnipresent in her work .
Laxer’s world oscillates between drama and comedy offering a terrain rich in symbols , her work illicit questions about the meaning of things , about the game of existence
At the same time Laxer’s paintings would not be what they are without her abundant use of textures that topple spectators into a tactile , powerfully suggestive universe. Their rough surfaces accentuating the strange atmosphere that predominate in her work ,
The artist doesn’t try to ease the tensions that are present by using a range of attractive colours. Monique Laxer prefers to let her materials and forms break through the restrictive confines a a narrative framework without holding them back or subjecting them to a romanticism that would ultimately neutralize her creative thrust . There is no doubt that this way of working complements the plastic relevance of her approach making it stronger and more intelligent as reflected in the work themselves.

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